About Us

Chosen Masters is a semi-automated, professional grade online audio mastering tool that adds color, warmth and brilliance to your tracks. Our formula uses modern audio processing secrets that you just don't hear anywhere else.

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Using an assortment of audio algorithms + techniques, we clean & enhance your tracks to give you extra punch & clarity! Your kicks, snares, basses, leads and music over all will never have sounded better. It takes years of training & practice to master the art of audio mastering but with Chosen Masters online music mastering software you will get those results instantly.

Our online mastering adds presence while maintaining dynamics throughout the entire frequency spectrum. Unlike other software that can leave your songs sounding either thin or squished, Chosen Masters gives you rich textured, full & pristine sounding results.

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Chosen Master live cloud audio mastering software retains your drum transients in the best way possible so you get the weight behind the hit along with perfectly maintained drum peaks.

This is the mastering experience you've been searching for!

Here's how it works

Our music mastering process is simple and powerful. With in a couple of minutes from now you can have the best mastering results for any song, style & genre. All online, all in the cloud. No installations, and its free to try.


Upload your file.

Drag & drop or browse from your device

Audio Mastering Software Online - how to upload song

Your song gets processed.

Our state of the art mastering engine does its magic

Audio Mastering Software Online - how to upload song

Choose a mastering style.

Find the right style for your music in real-timeAudio Mastering Software Online - how to upload song

Select the intensity.

Select the right amount onf intensity/loudness level for your music.

Audio Mastering Software Online - how to upload song


Download your master.

Choose several download formats including WAV files.Audio Mastering Software Online - how to upload song