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Create a logo that fits your brand image.

Add it to your website, banners or even album art. Use your new logo with our custom merch maker to sell branded products on demand to your audience, and its all free to use.

Design an amazing logo to fit your brand and download instantly

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Design branded album art or logo's free. Easy to use yet powerful, create amazing graphics now.

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Chosen Masters make free logos and album art

No credit card needed. just bring your creativity and get started.

Premium icons & emblems

Choose from a large list of custom icons and emblems designed for logos.

For artists & brands

From musicians to brands, you can use our tool to make the right logo for you.

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No need to be a graphic design expert, anyone can get amazing results quickly and easily.

Have a consistent brand theme across the web

You can style your social media around your new logo for greater impact on your followers

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How to design a custom logo?

Our professional online logo maker is easy to use with a huge selection of custom fonts and logo icon designs. Get logo design suggestions or spend the time in our graphic design app to get your perfect logo. Just enter a name and choose a genre to begin generating logo templates.

Where can I download and create logos for free?

You can use ChosenMasters's Free Logo Maker to design and download a logo for your brand, band or business. Juts type in the name of your brand to get started with our free logo generator & editor.

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Dont hesitate

Pick a design, font & brand name, thats its! Create & download for Free. A good logo can tell customers what you do with the style and iconography With a logo you will be able to create merchandise on demand with our free custom on demand printing e-commerce, its highly recommended

From Business owners to musicians & bands, a distinct logo will help you standout and be remembered

Quickly design a logo you can use with our free merch maker or add it too business cards. We are dedicated to always perfecting our design experience to give you the best logo creator tools online.

If you’re enjoying our merch tool, Be sure to look at all our other free tools.

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