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David Heartbreak logo - Chosen Masters online song Mastering service

Masters sound amazing! They were loud, clean and most importantly warm. My expectations were met tenfold.

David Heartbreak

[Owsla, Ableton]

1NF1N1TE logo - Chosen Masters online track mastering service

Really dope & affordable way for producers looking to get their tracks sounding thick with an extremely quick turn around time. very surprising mastering results for a cloud mastering based service!


[Dim Mak & Play Me]

Tha Trickaz logo - Chosen Masters ai audio mastering service

Time saver and game changer, fast & easy to use, this is going to save a lot of mix-downs! Perfect for bedroom producers who struggle with the audio mastering art.

Tha Trickaz

[Otodayo Records]

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Repost Network


Chosen Masters is an affordable way for Artists to not only master their music online quickly, but get several quality options to choose from. It’s a perfect service operating at the intersection of automation and creativity.

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SC Planner

[Repost Network]

Chosen Masters is a great tool for producers looking for quality masters at an affordable price. The multiple options allow for a perfect tuning to every taste.

SC Planner logo - Chosen Masters free online track mastering website


[Trap Nation & Elysian]

I’d never thought an online mastering service would ever master my tracks the way i wanted to but i was really surprised when I tried it out. Love the quality and the audio mastering options.

Levianth logo - Chosen Masters free online track mastering website

EDM Sauce

[Music Blog]

Chosen Masters has made it quick, easy, and cost-effective for producers to get their songs mastered without any special knowledge.

Aylen logo - Chosen Masters free online audio mastering sofwtare


[Spinnin' Records, MadDecent]

It will point out certain things, Gives you new perspective on your music without going through the trial and error to tweak your self, a good reference point to mix and master your songs

Chosen Masters free online music mastering website

Pump Your Sound

[Repost Scheduler]

Great quality, quick results, perfect way to master any song!

Swimmin logo - Chosen Masters free online track mastering website

SWMMNG Management

[Shallou, Pell]

Chosen Masters saved the day. We were in a pinch and needed a professional sounding master in the eleventh hour. The process was simple, and our expectations were more than met. Quick, simple, and effective.

Juke Logo - Chosen Masters free online music mastering website

Juke Ellington


This is a crazy tool! they sounds so clean ! you can choose different styles and loudness to get the perfect master ! Chosen Masters is the best software to master your music! Work on your mix, upload it and let the magic happen!

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Highly recommend using Chosen Masters, a crucial step to master your tracks!

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Chosen Master live cloud audio mastering software retains your drum transients in the best way possible so you get the weight behind the hit along with perfectly maintained drum peaks.

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5. Select the intensity.

Select the right amount onf intensity/loudness level for your music.

6. Reference un-mastered track (optional)

Listen to the improvements and vibe of the mastering.

7. Download your master.

Choose several download formats including WAV.

8. Enjoy your amazing results

Play back your new master at shows or on different monitors to hear the amazing results.

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Chosen Masters is a semi-automated, professional grade free mastering software tool that adds color, warmth and brilliance to your tracks. Our formula uses modern audio processing secrets that you just don't hear anywhere else.

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Audio Mastering History

free online mastering for music

Mastering, a form of audio post production, is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix to a data storage device (the master), the source from which all copies will be produced (via methods such as pressing, duplication or replication).

Steps of the process typically include the following

  • - Transferring the recorded audio tracks into the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • - Sequence the separate songs or tracks as they will appear on the final release
  • - Adjust the length of the silence between songs
  • - Process or sweeten audio to maximize the sound quality for the intended medium (e.g. applying specific EQ for vinyl)
  • - Transfer the audio to the final master format (CD-ROM, half-inch reel tape, PCM 1630 U-matic tape, etc.)

Examples of possible actions taken during mastering

  • - Editing minor flaws
  • - Applying noise reduction to eliminate clicks, dropouts, hum and hiss
  • - Adjusting stereo width
  • - Equalize audio across tracks for the purpose of optimized frequency distribution
  • - Adjust volume
  • - Dynamic range compression or expansion
  • - Peak limit
  • - Inserting ISRC codes and CD text
  • - Arranging track in their final sequential order
  • - Fading out the ending of each song (if required)
  • - Dither

Emergence of magnetic tape

In the late 1940s, the recording industry was revolutionized by the introduction of magnetic tape. Magnetic tape was invented for recording sound by Fritz Pfleumer in 1928 in Germany, based on the invention of magnetic wire recording by Valdemar Poulsen in 1898. Not until the end of World War II could the technology be found outside Europe. The introduction of magnetic tape recording enabled master discs to be cut separately in time and space from the actual recording process.

Although tape and other technical advances dramatically improved audio quality of commercial recordings in the post-war years, the basic constraints of the electro-mechanical mastering process remained, and the inherent physical limitations of the main commercial recording media—the 78 rpm disc and later the 7-inch 45 rpm single and 33-1/3 rpm LP record—meant that the audio quality, dynamic range,[a] and running time[b] of master discs were still limited compared to later media such as the compact disc.

Electro-mechanical mastering process

From the 1950s until the advent of digital recording in the late 1970s, the mastering process typically went through several stages. Once the studio recording on multi-track tape was complete, a final mix was prepared and dubbed down to the master tape, usually either a single-track mono or two-track stereo tape. Prior to the cutting of the master disc, the master tape was often subjected to further electronic treatment by a specialist mastering engineer.

After the advent of tape it was found that, especially for pop recordings, master recordings could be made so that the resulting record would sound better. This was done by making fine adjustments to the amplitude of sound at different frequency bands (equalization) prior to the cutting of the master disc.

In large recording companies such as EMI, the mastering process was usually controlled by specialist staff technicians who were conservative in their work practices. These big companies were often reluctant to make changes to their recording and production processes. For example, EMI was very slow in taking up innovations in multi-track recording[c] and did not install 8-track recorders in their Abbey Road Studios until the late 1960s, more than a decade after the first commercial 8-track recorders were installed by American independent studios.[4]

In recent years digital masters have become usual, although analog masters—such as audio tapes—are still being used by the manufacturing industry, particularly by a few engineers who specialize in analog mastering.

Mastering requires critical listening; however, software tools exist to facilitate the process. Results depend upon the intent of the engineer, the skills of the engineer, the accuracy of the speaker monitors, and the listening environment. Mastering engineers often apply equalization and dynamic range compression in order to optimize sound translation on all playback systems.[1] It is standard practice to make a copy of a master recording—known as a safety copy—in case the master is lost, damaged or stolen.

Chosen Masters make your songs sound amazing with our cloud based audio software

Mastering FAQ

What is audio mastering

Audio mastering takes an audio source/signal, processes it to sound professional and ready for public consumption. Great audio mastering will clean up the audio & make it sound commercially loud without ruining the dynamics or transients. Traditionaly one part of audio mastrering is to make sure the audio source sounds about the same on many systems and speaker setups.

Why is audio mastering important?

Almost every single song you have ever herd has most likely been mastered in one way or another, but not all mastering is created equally. Audio mastering is a technical skill & mainly treat it as an art form. it can take decades to perfect the skill/art of audio mastering & part of why finding a great mastering engineer is so highly valued.

What does bad audio mastering sound like?

Bad quality audio mastering can ruin your music or audio. Avoid mastering that leaves your audio sounding squished and dirty sounding. Another sign of bad audio mastering is results that leave your audio sounding to thin or weak, like some one scooped the life, warmth & tone out of it. Avoid mastering that adds to much high end while scooping out the sub, again leaving your audio/music sounding thin and unbalanced. Also the reverse can be true, were the mastering engineer adds way to much sub/bass frequencies but leaves your high and mid end to thin leaving you wit muddy or boomy sounding results.

What is the best audio mastering software & why?

Really this all depends on what your taste is, but amazing audio mastering software should be intuitive to use and give you the results your looking for quickly. Cost can be a factor, so if you can get those high end results from more affordable software then that would be a plus. Of course we think Chosen Masters online mastering software is the best solution for any musician and we spend long hours makings sure we meet the highest level of quality, period.


In the earliest days of the recording industry, all phases of the recording and mastering process were entirely achieved by mechanical processes. Performers sang and/or played into a large acoustic horn and the master recording was created by the direct transfer of acoustic energy from the diaphragm of the recording horn to the mastering lathe, typically located in an adjoining room. The cutting head, driven by the energy transferred from the horn, inscribed a modulated groove into the surface of a rotating cylinder or disc.[2] These masters were usually made from either a soft metal alloy or from wax; this gave rise to the colloquial term waxing, referring to the cutting of a record.[3]

After the introduction of the microphone and electronic amplifier in the mid-1920s, the mastering process became electro-mechanical, and electrically driven mastering lathes came into use for cutting master discs (the cylinder format by then having been superseded). Until the introduction of tape recording, master recordings were almost always cut direct-to-disc.[2] Only a small minority of recordings were mastered using previously recorded material sourced from other discs.

free online mastering for music

Digital technology

Optimum Digital Levels with respect to the Full Digital Scale (dBFSD) In the 1990s, electro-mechanical processes were largely superseded by digital technology, with digital recordings stored on hard disk drives or digital tape and mastered to CD. The digital audio workstation (DAW) became common in many mastering facilities, allowing the off-line manipulation of recorded audio via a graphical user interface (GUI). Although many digital processing tools are common during mastering, it is also very common to use analog media and processing equipment for the mastering stage. Just as in other areas of audio, the benefits and drawbacks of digital technology compared to analog technology are still a matter for debate. However, in the field of audio mastering, the debate is usually over the use of digital versus analog signal processing rather than the use of digital technology for storage of audio.[1]

Digital systems have higher performance and allow mixing to be performed at lower maximum levels. With peaks between -3 and -9 dBFS on a mix, the mastering engineer has enough headroom to process and produce a final master.[5] It is important to allow enough headroom for the mastering engineer's work.[6] Reduction of headroom by the mix or mastering engineer has resulted in a loudness war in commercial recordings.[7]


A common mastering processor for dynamic range compression The source material, ideally at the original resolution, is processed using equalization, compression, limiting and other processes. Additional operations, such as editing, specifying the gaps between tracks, adjusting level, fading in and out, noise reduction and other signal restoration and enhancement processes can also be applied as part of the mastering stage.[7] The source material is put in the proper order, commonly referred to as assembly (or 'track') sequencing. These operations prepare the music for either digital or analog, e.g. vinyl, replication.

If the material is destined for vinyl release, additional processing, such as dynamic range reduction or frequency-dependent stereo–to–mono fold-down and equalization may be applied to compensate for the limitations of that medium. For compact disc release, start of track, end of track, and indexes are defined for playback navigation along with International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) and other information necessary to replicate a CD. Vinyl LP and cassettes have their own pre-duplication requirements for a finished master. Subsequently, it is rendered either to a physical medium, such as a CD-R or DVD-R, or to computer files, such as a Disc Description Protocol (DDP) file set or an ISO image. Regardless of what delivery method is chosen, the replicator factory will transfer the audio to a glass master that will generate metal stampers for replication.

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