Audio Boosted by ChosenMasters

Audio Boosting Chrome Extension

A Google Chrome extension that gives you ai mastering super powers in your browser free.

Enhance your audio experience with our state-of-the-art Chrome extension, Audio Boosted by ChosenMasters. Utilizing advanced machine learning and AI, this tool offers real-time audio mastering directly in your browser. With a simple one-click activation, enjoy expertly processed audio with a variety of customizable presets. Perfect for any audio enthusiast, our solution not only improves sound quality but also simplifies the entire process, making high-quality audio accessible to everyone.

Audio Boosted Overview

How to boost your broswer audio with AudioBoosted by ChosenMasters

Simply turn on the Chrome extension and enjoy real-time audio enhancement with amazing presets.

Wondering how to start mastering your tracks? Explore our interactive tutorial below for a step-by-step guide.

Easily turn on the Chrome extension with a single click and start enhancing your audio in real-time.

Pro Pricing

Our plugin is free to use

but you can upgrade to pro to unlock customizable controls for full creativity



Install Chrome Extension

Boost audio with one clickfor free

  • All standard presets
  • Reatime processing
  • Chrome audio boosting on any site



Upgrade plan

Everything in free, plus customizable controls & VIP presets.

  • Everything from free tier
  • Full control over sliders
  • Custom presets
  • VIP presets