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Chosen Masters Engine 5.0

We just updated our ai mastering engine to bring a new level of audio mastering for our community. The theme of this new mastering engine is cleaner & warmer with heavier sub/bass. both Classic & Modern modes are leveled up in the 5.0 update with a richer tone and feel, fuller with a more balanced frequency distribution. The hi frequencies are cleaner and glide with a cleaner stereo field were sounds can be heard more precisely and individually. This is by far our best mastering engine yet and are excited for everyone to hear what a difference the new Chosen Masters engine can make for you in your mastering processes.Use promo code at checkout to unlock a free master :FREE_MASTER_NOW(only good for the first 100 users, expires July 4th)Classic 5.0Personally the Chosen Masters team is loving the way classic is sounding right now on most of the music we have tested, it just adds something unique to your mixes, making songs rich and pleasant to the ears. If you are singer or songwriter with a more organic sound or you want a master with rich tone, weight & warmth then you will love Classic 5.0.

Modern 5.0Modern has a heavier sub and an over all cleaner frequencies response. It sounds allot richer & balanced then the previous engine,we think this is a big upgrade to our Modern mode. if your looking for that upfront, present & impactful trap or EDM style master or you want bright clear vocals & lead synths, this will be the one for you. We have not yet announced this update to the public so you are the first ones to know about this, the new engine is live on the site right now!

Mastering Engine 5.0 + Free Master

Also, in case you missed the last email, we just released our best mastering engine ever 5.0 and are giving away some free masters so everyone can give the full experience a test. The new engine will only be available to new uploads, it does not effect already processed and mastered songs you may have on your profile.As a special offer to celebrate the release of engine 5.0 we are giving everyone a free master. Enter promo code below at theSingle Master Checkout after you have uploaded and mastered a song to unlock full master and app features:FREE_MASTER_NOW(only good for the first 100 users, expires July 4th)Is Chosen Masters the best audio mastering software solution? Please feel free to give feedback on new updates or if you have any feature request or just general feedback, thank you and much love from Chosen Masters!

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