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Izotope Vocal Doubler

So some friends over at SBR started featuring free plugins and wanted to pass it along, enjoy! The guys from iZotope have been known to put out a freebie from time to time and Vocal Doubler is their latest entry into the freeware world. This plugin is designed for natural doubling effect for vocals and also to add richness and depth to other sound sources. Basically it offers an artificial double-tracking technique. It is very easy to use simply by interacting with the visualization in the center of the GUI. You drag the position around to affect the stereo field and to introduce variations.You are guided by percentage amounts of “Variation” and “Separation” as well as an “Amount” knob.

Click Here to download the Izotope Vocal Doubler FREEKeep an eye out for future emails with more free plugins!

Mastering Engine 5.0 + Free Master

Also, in case you missed the last email, we just released our best mastering engine ever 5.0 and are giving away some free masters so everyone can give the full experience a test. The new engine will only be available to new uploads, it does not effect already processed and mastered songs you may have on your profile.FREE_MASTER_NOW  (only good for the first 100 users, expires July 4th)After upload & master click here or go to single track checkout