Chosen Masters new mastering engine
Hello world. Hello artists. Hello musicians and producers. We're here to help. One of the biggest questions we get asked by colleagues and peers in the industry is, "How do I finish my song?". There are a lot of answers to this, and from now on you will be able to come to Chosen Masters to get inspired, educated, and best of all, to add the finishing touches to your music. But let's start with an even more important question: How do I get started?The answer is surprisingly easy: Start.Whether you write with an acoustic instrument, microphone, or synths and laptops, the most important thing you can do with your music, as with any project or idea, is start. Get your idea down. Grab a napkin, transcription paper, a mobile phone or recording device, or go all out in your studio. Just get started. Over time the idea will evolve. Sounds and structures will come and go. And eventually you will be ready to bounce down your mix. And of course, Master it. Today, there are endless resources to learn and progress, and to get from beginning to completion, and you will find lots of good reading and resources, and the best mastering tool on the planet, right here. Drop us a line any time with questions and feedback as you progress on your journey. And remember, The most important thing is to start.