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How to Make a Hip-Hop Beat

by ELAN SHARAR | Dec 10, 2019 | Blog

How do you come up with those great beats that form the background for the tunes everyone will want to crank in their cars, or stream from their phones? Hip-hop beats are actually an artistic process with some sophistication. Here are three big steps in crafting the best beats – you don't have to necessarily do these in any particular order, but each one of them, in our view, is vital to the process.

The Narrative

In a fundamental sense, you want to match your beat to what the song is going to be about and the type of energy that you want the track to have. Is it a fast-driving song, or a crooner? Here's where you consider your sampling, and whether you need to source copyright or reach out to other artists for sampling permission. Think about it this way: you’re building the framework for what your finished track is going to sound like, so this often takes place at the beginning of the project. Nailing the narrative helps you to make sense of the process and develop the song further with a road map toward a finished result.

The Hook – and Everything Else

As you're coming up with a general theme and approach for a particular beat, you’ll also be starting to integrate the special sounds that are going to make the beat ‘sticky’ – you want enough to make the track interesting, but beware of the “kitchen sink” approach where everything gets thrown in, and it starts to sound like mush!

When it comes to a hook,  massive bass and catchy melody harmonies are always a favorite. But how they’re positioned in the sample track makes a difference, and there are also other things to keep in mind, as far as audio integrity. This is where you start getting into the mixing and mastering of the process, while adding unique sounds that are going to resonate in your audience’s ears.

The Mixing and Mastering Process

Then there's the process of audio mastering, where you look at things like noise reduction and dynamic ranges. Often you already have these audio hooks in place – and you're looking to clean up the individual beats, or beeps, or notes that are included in the sample bar.Here's where Chosen Masterscomes in.This excellent automated professional grade mastering software is absolutely vital for those who want to make hip-hop beats that sound like they were made in a top-class studio.In this type of music, sound production is of paramount importance.It's not just a detail. Talk to us about how our Chosen Masters tools help to craft the best beats.