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Mastering Engine XII

Mastering Engine XII

Mastering Engine XII

by ELAN SHARAR | Aug 1, 2020 | Blog

Make your favourite artist jealous with our mastering!

Engine XII is live now! Our biggest & best engine update yet. With crystal clear full bodied sound like you have never herd before, this new engine gives the cleanest & richest sounding masters maybe you will have ever herd. We are truly blown away from the results during testing, we cant wait for everyone to hear and experience it. Our goal here has always been to make an online mastering software that truly delivers the absolute best audio and sonic qualities you want in audio mastering & mastering engine XII delivers, setting a new bar, a new standard in quality! Im are confident any musician or artist will get results that are game changing with engine XII. mastering takes decades to perfect and is one of the hardest services/skills to get constant high quality results from and with Chosen Masters you never have to worry about that again. The fact that any one of us here would have been so thankful to use a tool like this at any point in our musical past shows what a high value tool Chosen Masters really is. Make your favourite artist jealous with Chosen Masters mastering! To continue giving to the music community and encourage everyone to try the full mastering engine XII experience, we are extending our $2.50 single master deal. Just enter DOLLAR_MASTER at single master checkout.

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