Chosen Masters mixing and mastering tips

ChosenMasters Tips

10 Great Mixing & Mastering Tips

How to export your pre-master for best results when using Chosen Masters

1. If you can, export your song at 32 bit in .wav format.

2. Make sure you are sidechaining your kick and snare to other elements in your song, but your sub bass will be the most important thing to side chain.

3. If you choose to add limiting or compression to your pre-master before you upload to our site, make sure you dont over do it, a little bit of compression/limiting can help fatten up your pre-master and get a bigger sounding master but to much will cause problems and make your master sound squished and crappy.

4. Use a transient shaper on your kick and snare. Chosen Masters app loves transients and retains drum punch and clarity in a truly incredible way.

5. Mix your drums. Make sure they are sitting at the right levels in your mix to hit. Make sure your kicks have enough sub between 60-100 hz and your snares have weight and tone with freqs between 200-500 hz. This depends of course on your snare or kick.

6. Mixing your lead melodies properly, whether its a vocal or a synth, is very important for getting the best results in the mastering phase. leads should stick out of the mix a bit and have a brighter and fuller eq profile then other sounds in your mix.

7. Cutting frequencies that are not needed in certain sounds will help for clarity. You dont want to overdo this either or you get thin and lacking sounds.

8. Cut out the muddy freqs, little eq dips around 280-350 can help add clarity to certain sounds, don't overdo this tho and be very surgical or you risk thining out your sounds and losing tone

9. Use de-esser plugins to make your vocals or leads easier on the ears. if you find something is a bit harsh on the ears you can pinpoint some upper mid freqs around 3000-6000 with a de-esser and shave off some of the edge if needed, again don't overdo this or you will ruin your sound(Waves has some nice ones). De-essers are a reactive plug in that only starts to shave out the freqs when they get to loud, you tell it where in the spectrum you want it to reduce and how much to reduce when they go over the threshold you set

10. Make sure your levels are properly set, basically make sure something in the mix doesn't feel to loud, if something is overpowering your kick or snare then its probably to loud

These are some of the things i keep in mind when mixing my songs and will have more tips for production and mixing in the future. if you enjoyed this or have questions or even have some suggestions on what i could cover next feel free to email me back!