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Mastering Engine Diamond!

We are back at it again with a massive update that has re-imagined the boundaries of online audio mastering. Introducing LUFS & Warm modes to give even more options to cover any platform or venue. We are proud of Engine Diamond and can't wait for you to hear what it can do for your songs and sounds!

LUFS Mode:

For the first time, we are offering mastering that covers all popular streaming platform LUFS normalization benchmarks. From Spotify to Apple Music, you can get the right LUFS levels for every platform and venue.

Powerful Mode:

With a cleaner and more transparent sound. Bringing out the high frequencies in a more elegant way. Loud and present with a crystal clear quality. This is the best our Powerful mastering mode has ever sounded and our personal favourite.

Warm Mode:

This is an intro to our warmest sounding mastering mode yet, hence the name. This is great for letting warm mix downs shine or to give songs a smoother warm vibe.

Airy Mode:

Tweaks to make this mode more balanced with the rest of the mastering modes. Floating airy high frequencies that feel magical.

We cant wait for you to try this revolutionary engine Diamond and to make it easier we are bringing back our $2.49 master. Just enter DOLLAR_MASTER at checkout. Make your favourite artists jealous with Chosen Masters.

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