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Introducing Chosen Masters: Your Ultimate Global Ticketing Platform

Create Events & Sell Tickets

In the dynamic and ever-changing world of music and entertainment, creators need more than just a platform to sell tickets—they need a comprehensive hub that offers a suite of tools to enhance their craft, connect with audiences, and manage their business seamlessly. This is where Chosen Masters steps in. While we are renowned as a multifaceted hub for musicians and creators, today we are thrilled to spotlight one of our standout features: our revolutionary global ticketing platform.


Why Chosen Masters' Ticketing Platform?

Chosen Masters is designed with the unique needs of artists and creators in mind. Our ticketing platform isn't just about selling tickets; it's about providing an all-encompassing solution that makes event management intuitive, secure, and efficient. Here's a closer look at what makes our ticketing platform exceptional:

1. Effortless Event Creation

Creating an event is a breeze with Chosen Masters. Our user-friendly interface allows you to set up events with comprehensive details including name, date, price, description, and location. Focus on what you do best—creating art—and leave the logistics to us.

2. Seamless Ticket Sales

Our platform offers secure and efficient ticket sales, integrated with major payment gateway Stripe. This ensures that your fans can purchase tickets using their preferred methods, and you can rest easy knowing your transactions are protected.


3. Advanced Event Management

Manage all your events from a single dashboard. With Chosen Masters, you can track ticket sales, monitor attendee data, and make real-time updates to your event details. Our platform gives you the control and insights needed to ensure your event's success.

4. Map Integration

Help your attendees find your event location effortlessly. Our seamless integration with Google Maps allows you to display the venue on an interactive map, making it easier for fans to navigate to your event.

5. Printable Tickets with QR Codes

For those who prefer physical tickets, our platform provides the option to print tickets complete with unique QR codes and barcodes. These codes enhance security and streamline the check-in process at your event.

6. QR Code Payment URLs

Each printed ticket includes a QR code that links directly to the payment URL. This feature simplifies secure transactions, improving the overall experience for your attendees.

7. Digital Payments with a 7% Cut

Chosen Masters supports digital payments, making it free to use for event organizers. We take a competitive 7% cut of all transactions, ensuring that you retain the majority of your revenue while benefiting from our comprehensive services.

8. Easy Event Sharing

Promote your events effortlessly through social media and direct links. Chosen Masters makes it simple for your fans to share your events with their networks, helping you reach a broader audience.


9. Analytics Dashboard

Our detailed analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into your events. Track ticket sales, understand attendee demographics, and make data-driven decisions to optimize future events. Our tools equip you with the information needed to grow your fanbase and enhance your events.

Get Started with Chosen Masters Today

At Chosen Masters, we believe that every creator deserves a seamless and efficient way to manage their events and connect with their audience. Our global ticketing platform is designed to meet the unique needs of artists and creators, providing the tools necessary to thrive in the entertainment industry.

Ready to elevate your events? Sign up for Chosen Masters today and start creating unforgettable experiences for your fans. Visit Chosen Masters to learn more and get started.


About Chosen Masters

Chosen Masters is more than just a ticketing platform—it's a comprehensive hub for musicians and creators. We provide a suite of tools designed to empower artists, from event management to ticket sales and beyond. Our mission is to help creators succeed by offering innovative, secure, and user-friendly solutions tailored to the entertainment industry. Join Chosen Masters and become part of a community dedicated to creative excellence.

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